Sunday, November 16, 2008


How come that bus doesn't have enough seats in the front for everybody?

In the year of Barack Obama, Lynette Long tells of an experience in which three restaurant hoodlums held onto two extra seats that they did not need, thus denying Lynette's own group a chance to use the seats for dining. When one of Lynette's friends tried to resolve the matter, she was met with indifference from the restaurant staff.

A drink of water poured onto the head of one of the restaurant hoodlums resulted in a beating and a dragging of Lynette's friend. Restaurant patrons had to intervene and the three hoodlums ran out of the place.

So, what is the lesson? As things stand right now, the lesson is, if three male hoodlums hold onto to two extra seats in a restaurant that they don't need, don't you dare challenge them for the chairs, even if they don't need them and you do.

I am encouraging Lynette to name the restaurant.

(New information provided by Lynette follows immediately).


I have gotten many requests from readers and friends to out the restaurant. My hesitancy is it is a small woman owned business. I have met the owner at several events in town and I assure you she was not there Friday night. If she was this would not have happened. I will call her Monday morning and personally discuss the events with her. I appreciate everyones concern and I am personally still processing the event. I have seldom seen such a random and aggressive act of violence two feet from me. I am becoming more and more convinced that the lack of safety for women in this country is underestimated. Why can't I walk down a dark street alone? Why do I have to silence myself because I am the smaller sex? Why is it a crime to "lynch" a dummy of Obama but not a crime to "lynch" a dummy of Sara Palin? Hate crimes are perpetrated against women every minute of the day. Isn't it time we say enough?

(end of Lynette's new article).


(original article continued)

This would allow other PUMA members who live in the area a chance to visit the restaurant and peacefully protest the behavior of the three restaurant hoodlums. Visit the restaurant, get a table, but do not buy anything. Politely explain upon leaving why you are leaving, and most importantly, don't drop any change in the restaurant.

Use the restaurant for you convenience and your convenience only, the way that the three hoodlums did.

I also would encourage the taking of pictures of the damage done to the friend's face by the hoodlum. Funny how in the year of Barack Obama it looks like the back of the bus is just as busy as ever. (end of article before additional information from Lynette Long was available.)


The additional information provided by Lynnette Long puts a somewhat different spin on things. However, I am torn as to how much difference it should make when it comes to who actually owns the restaurant. The ultimate result was still an unacceptable one.

Rachel Maddow managed to pull out a very infrequent gem among most of her news turds the other night. Maddow pointed out that Sarah Palin and Rick Davis both thought the Katie Couric interview was going to be a soft interview. Perhaps a girlfriends being girlfriends kind of a thing?


If women expect better treatment from men, for how long should women expect preferential treatment from other women? Is the woman owner financially benefiting from the type of treatment that Lynnette Long's friend was exposed to? If a male worker does not feel comfortable coming to the aid of a woman customer in a restaurant owned by a woman, isn't it possible that that disrespect is going on in other ways as well? Is giving the women owner the benefit of the doubt a form of coddling her and in the process keeping her weaker? Just asking.

It was suggested on another blog that the three hoodlums were holding the chairs just in case some woman came in that they were interested in. If that is true, then maybe the owner looks the other way because it keeps her business busy and thriving.
If a future meeting happens between Lynette and the owner of the restaurant, I would recommend that the employees who were present at the original confrontation also be there. It is important for the owner and Lynette to gauge if any regret is visible among the employees who were there.

If this story had been covered by the mainstream media, it would be a lot bigger deal. Remember that before this incident is forgotten.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I dunno...if I would go that route. I think, I would rather prosecute for assault and battery. I believe if convicted, that charge carrys the penalty of a felony.

The impact on the restaurant of a well publicized 'Hate Crime' Trial would be greater than any other means of recourse imo- safer too, for any more innocent people involved.

The restaurant may also be liable for damages...

The message sent because of their outrageous treatment would be immense.


Alessandro Machi said...

The police didn't seem interested in filing charges, and because she dropped the water on his head first, would possibly go after the friend before the hoodlum.

The hoodlums also appear to have escaped. I wonder if they ran up a tab and used a credit card to pay for it....


John Ziegler on the VIEW talks about his soon to be released 2008 Election Documentary.



Domestic Violence You Tube Video "Burn it Down" by OnaKalima has been taken down by YouTube!

Message from from the director and first time filmmaker Ona Kalima...

"Thank you for writing to me. I am in the middle of moving, but was getting ready to write to you for help. I received an email that stated that my video had been removed for violating the community guidelines. I looked to the guidelines and couldn't see any I had violated. HELP! We had gotten up to nearly 7,000 views and now we have to start from scratch. I was starting to receive a lot of hate-oriented comments about being a "communist dyke" and stuff like that--what do you think??"

DailyPUMA thinks the PUMA community needs to contact YouTube. Suggestions for the best avenue to do this would be greatly appreciated. What is worse than images depicting violence against woman? Striking down a message about Violence against Woman. Shame on you YouTube for not having more common sense.

PLEASE FAX YouTUBE at 1-650-253-0001 and ask that OnaKalima's "Burn it Down" video be reinstated.

Warning: This Video may Cause you to Spill your Hot Coffee on your Lap.

YouTube Video found via The Confluence & Nimja.

From Annie Sweetie Oakley

All in the Family and Archie Bunker's Place.

All in the Family ran from 1971 to 1979 and featured Jean Stapleton and Carroll O'Connor as the wife and husband. All in the Family ended its run in 1979 but the show continued under the name Archie Bunkers Place, which then ran from 1979 to 1983. In the new version, Jean Stapleton has died and Archie Bunker now runs a bar.

In real life, Carroll O'Connor passed on in 2001, Jean Stapleton is still alive.

I saw Jean Stapleton in a movie last night called "A Matter of Sex". A Matter of Sex is a modern day (early 80's) suffragettes movie revolving around 8 women who went on strike because their bank would not promote them or pay them in line with their male counterparts.

Suddenly I saw the additional irony being played out in real life.

Jean Stapleton, who is still alive, was killed off in Archie Bunker's Place, whereas Carroll O'Connor, who passed on in 2001, outsurvived Jean Stapleton in the television show.

In fact, Carroll O'Connor would get another television series as well. However, Jean Stapleton could never use her famous character Edith because Edith had been killed off.

This is another example of a male getting to prolong and extend his career while the woman co-star role is prematurely snuffed out and can no longer be used by her for the rest of her career.

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Why wasn't Barack Obama Vetted during the campaign?

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