Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bill Clinton to Share Foundation Donors so Barack Obama can get Donations from them in 2012.

The headline that I used for this article is pretty much what MSNBC and Huffington Post do on a regular basis. It is my opinion interjected into what is supposed to be a headline. As a blogger, I probably get more latitude than MSNBC or Huffington Post, or so I thought, but you'd never know it if you happen to catch MSNBC's act or a Huffington Post Headline.

I'm thinking Hillary Clinton should stay in the Senate, cultivate her connections, and be there to support Barack if it makes sense to do so. If Barack and his cronies don't get the job done, it's a win win for the democratic party as the democratic party can move in a new direction if necessary.

I kind of like the idea of Hillary Clinton being there as a link to the Republican party to make sure they are represented in certain situations where the democratic congress might just want to ram through their own legislation, their own way. By the way, if Bill Clinton agrees to divulge his connections to Barack Obama's administration as a compromise to Hillary Clinton being secretary of state, then the reciprocal thing to do would be to never contact these sources without going through Bill Clinton or Bill Clinton's foundation. Fair is fair.


Anonymous said...

I think Bill would be more concerned about the donors who wished to remain anonymous. Hopefully, their donations came with a contractual agreement that cannot be broken without their consent.

I don't really think it will be a big ta-doo. If Bill feels they are trying to hamstring Hillary, he won't hesitate pulling the plug.

I would be more concerned about the risk of a sure thing Senate confirmation for the SOS position, after all they've been through.

I'm sure, Bill is too. Ya can't Trust Obama.

Alessandro Machi said...

Bill Clinton's foundation has raised over 500 million dollars, now Barack Obama wants in, and he wants access.

Barack Obama should promise not to solicit any Bill Clinton Foundation donor, period.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's Obama. It's Soros. Soros is the one who will try ruining someone wealthy by cutting them with their own sword.

That is my first impression of him from an article written about him on my blog.

I might be wrong on that...but I'm going to read Soros's last 2 books next week in between stuffing my turkey.

I just finished reading the transcript of his interview with Kroft on 60 min. He was defensive, not very candid or open. Not a good feel..

Does the new HRC site have moderators? The first topic I clicked on, left warning after warning of the influx of BO beaters frequenting that site..

Patricia said...

Didn't consider Obama wanting access to Bill's donors. makes sense.

Anonymous said...

I would say, Bill's donor's list was a proprietary consideration for Obama, Soros and Axelrod.

Not to mention the fact if there was anything illegal they could uncover in the donation process, it would be used to leverage against him (for control) is a temptation the vultures just couldn't pass up.

Prey people easily recognize what the sharks are looking for. It's our way of life, fending off the predators who think nothing of taking advantage of our good will.

Put the boots to them, Bill!

Alessandro Machi said...

There could be ethical reasons for wanting to "vet" Bill Clinton. But what an we can make of an administration that cheated and ridiculed the voting process in so many ways but now claims ethics is it's top priority?

Kind of scary actually.


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