Saturday, February 13, 2010

Should HillBuzz be moved to the left side of DailyPUMA? I'm open to suggestions.

I used to welcome HillBuzz's articles when they just made logical, pro puma points. Whether or not HillBuzz was PUMA, they had important information to share. HillBuzz also genuinely seems to like Hillary Clinton. However, you can't like and respect a politician while dissing their closest supporters and allies, which HillBuzz has now started to do on a regular basis.

HillBuzz has now crossed over to total moderate conservative republican idealogy. While HillBuzz still professes to be supporters of Hillary Clinton, it would be unrealistic to see their future support for Hillary Clinton helping her, especially after they advocated the ouster of every democratic congress person, even the democrats that supported Hillary Clinton in 2008.

I believe removing the rotting head of the democratic party, Reid and Pelosi, is most important of all, yet Hillbuzz has not stated this as a goal. I find this very disturbing that HillBuzz would prefer to oust all democrats when just ousting the most vocal anti Hillary Clinton politicians would send a clear and loud message.

HillBuzz supporting Hillary Clinton in the future would be like Fox News supporting Hillary Clinton. While Hillbuzz appears to be pretty popular, they clearly are going after the moderate conservative crowd at the expense of Hillary Clinton supporters, and that is sad to see.

It is pretty obvious that HillBuzz will be supporting Sarah Palin for 2012. No matter what Hillary Clinton does for 2012 HillBuzz has already said and done things that will make any future support they may have for Hillary Clinton may look "polarizing" to traditional democrats in 2012.

Maybe Cannonfire had a point when mentioning accusations made by others that HillBuzz was being funded by conservative groups.

DailyPUMA will probably move HillBuzz to the left side column. Unfortunately, there is not enough room to bring the left column up to the top of the page, which means one will have to hunt for their blog.

I think HillBuzz was also the first to mention that Bill Clinton was in the hospital so DailyPUMA may lose part of what it is supposed to do, which is get out eclectic news about politics and Hillary Clinton as fast and efficiently as possible, if HillBuzz is moved to the left side column.

On the other hand, you can sign up for automatic HillBuzz email alerts whenever they release a spicy new article. DailyPUMA is open to other viewpoints on this topic, but for now it seems like Hillbuzz should be moved to the left side of DailyPUMA, no?


Anonymous said...

WOW, Here I've been reading Daily Puma for months and didn't know it was based on a "left" vs "right" thingy! I'm crushed! I was under the, obviously simplistic, notion that Daily Puma had enough chutzpah to let people swing on the pendulum from one side to the other and let the readers decide who they want to frequent. How could I have been so wrong! The light has come on...if you support Hillary, it's on the "good" side and if you don't, it's on the "bad" side and your post just could get "lost". I see. And it's a shame. Daily Puma is just another voice for Hillary and afraid of any other viewpoint. So much for chutzpah.


Alessandro Machi said...

Lonni, if you have been reading DailyPUMA for months and did not notice that primarily PUMA blogs are on the right (as has been stated at the top of DailyPUMA for the past 12 months in the mission statement), then keep on reading since you find the content interesting.

There would probably be no dailypuma if not for the media hit squad that was put out in 2008 against Hillary Clinton. I would gladly move up the left column, which offers many divergent blogging view points, if I had the room.

Alessandro Machi said...

For those who have not noticed, this is Daily-PUMA, which is the back up site for DailyPUMA and is not where active PUMA content is kept.

Anyways, I guess Lonni is a no vote. Any PUMAs want to chime in?

Anonymous said...

Had the DNC, aided by MSM, not stolen the nomination from Hillary Clinton, had she simply and truly LOST the nomination, PUMA would not have been created. We Hillary supporters would have, obviously, been upset and disappointed at her loss, but we would have had no motivation to protest the actions of the Dem Party and declare Party Unity My Ass. It was the hit on democracy that fired us up. Of course, Hillary was the only candidate for the Dem nomination worth getting fired up about.

I find it incredible that Lonni has read DP for months, and not picked up on the fact that Hillary's candidacy and the subsequent theft of the nomination from her are pretty much at the core of DP.

Regarding Hillbuzz, while I get your point, I prefer to refrain from making a judgement as yet. Following the actions of the Dem Party in 2008, many PUMAs swore to teach the party a lesson by helping defeat any Dem in 2010. Some still feel that across the board election loss is the only way to send a strong message to Pelosi, Reid, and their cohorts in the rigging of the 2008 primary.

Other PUMAs want to see the Obama supporters defeated and a greater balance in both the house and senate achieved.

Obviously, there are some negative consequences attached to the first option. On the other hand,
total loss in 2010 would make a powerful statement to the DNC.

Much to think about.


Alessandro Machi said...

I'm just not sure that "punishing" Hillary Clinton supporters in the 2010 elections makes sense. Defeating both Reid and Pelosi, and making sure the republican party does not take full credit for it, is very essential to turning the tide in the democratic party.

Anonymous said...

Your point is well taken. Also, it may be even more necessary to support Dems in order to counter the ultra-conservative movement afoot. What a waste. This should be a good climate for more moderates to be elected (or retained) in office. Yet, even McCain is at risk of losing the nomination for senate to a conservative being supported by right wingers who don't want a moderate to win.

What a mess.



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