Sunday, January 31, 2010

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There are four equally relevant reasons why DailyPUMA exists.

The first reason was to not let the belief that PUMA's just disappeared into the night after the robbery of the 2008 democratic presidential had been constructed by selfish, upper echelon democratic "leaders" such as Harry "I'm spending as fast as I can" Reid and Nancy "the military jets and drinks on the jets are on me" Pelosi.

The second reason for DailyPUMA was to increase the ability for PUMA's, and those who believe Hillary Clinton was not treated fairly by the media and the democratic party, to absorb more news blogging commentary and stories in a shorter period of time while also keeping PUMAs better educated than other political groups.

An added bonus DailyPUMA provides is to be able to "rebroadcast" important puma blog messages along with international aid stories such as the article about portable housing for Haiti. Who knows, maybe one of the hundreds of people who see the headline on DailyPUMA will email it to someone who has the ability to implement the idea.

The third reason for DailyPUMA was for PUMA bloggers who decided to take a break. The moment a PUMA blogger decides to start writing again, the word would get out because their first article would raise their listing to the top of DailyPUMA.

Bloggers sometimes put so much pressure on themselves to come up with new material that if they take a break, their readership can fall off and maybe not recover. When HillBuzz, Texas Darlin (not officially PUMA's but still supportive of Hillary Clinton) and Katalasis took breaks, the moment they started blogging again, DailyPUMA was able to get the word out.

The fourth reason is basically the three reasons above, but for me on a personal level. Yes, I use Daily PUMA for the exact three reasons cited above. DailyPUMA has been a pleasant surprise for me in how absolutely steady story content gets generated and how steady readership has been over the past 14 months.

I sometimes wish we could gain just one new member a day, yet the truth is most blogs start high and slowly lose ground over time, so remaining steady in readership is really an incredible victory. And of course, not everybody checks in everyday, so it actually may take four or five times the viewership to maintain the daily numbers that DailyPUMA does get.

I use Blog Tracker to measure how many hits DailyPUMA gets a day. DailyPUMA is in the top 2.5% to 3% of all blogs tracked by Blog Tracker.

Whenever DailyPUMA seems to get a bit busier, I will sometimes notice a strange rhythm to the hits. DailyPUMA may get 5 unique hits in 8 minutes time, then nothing for 20 minutes, then 5 more hits in 10 minutes time.

It does make me wonder if not all hits are being recorded as a way to try and demoralize me personally, but I can't worry about it nor can I prove it, its just that the counting sometimes looks irregular. But then again, I noticed the same phenomenon during the Kerry Bush race of 2004. I kept seeing Kerry's vote totals move closer to Bush, then suddenly Bush's lead would almost instantly expand by a million or two votes, then Kerry would slowly make up the difference, then blam, Kerry would be down that same larger amount again.

If one could speed up the vote counter that CBS and other stations were using on election night 2004 from all night to lets say 1-2 minutes, one might actually see the suspicious nature of the vote counting totals more easily, but I digress.

It is valuable to me to know that if I have something to write, my audience is significantly bigger than if I were going it alone, and hopefully, if your blog is listed on DailyPUMA, you feel the same way and have experienced a Daily PUMA "bump".

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Domestic Violence You Tube Video "Burn it Down" by OnaKalima has been taken down by YouTube!

Message from from the director and first time filmmaker Ona Kalima...

"Thank you for writing to me. I am in the middle of moving, but was getting ready to write to you for help. I received an email that stated that my video had been removed for violating the community guidelines. I looked to the guidelines and couldn't see any I had violated. HELP! We had gotten up to nearly 7,000 views and now we have to start from scratch. I was starting to receive a lot of hate-oriented comments about being a "communist dyke" and stuff like that--what do you think??"

DailyPUMA thinks the PUMA community needs to contact YouTube. Suggestions for the best avenue to do this would be greatly appreciated. What is worse than images depicting violence against woman? Striking down a message about Violence against Woman. Shame on you YouTube for not having more common sense.

PLEASE FAX YouTUBE at 1-650-253-0001 and ask that OnaKalima's "Burn it Down" video be reinstated.

Warning: This Video may Cause you to Spill your Hot Coffee on your Lap.

YouTube Video found via The Confluence & Nimja.

From Annie Sweetie Oakley

All in the Family and Archie Bunker's Place.

All in the Family ran from 1971 to 1979 and featured Jean Stapleton and Carroll O'Connor as the wife and husband. All in the Family ended its run in 1979 but the show continued under the name Archie Bunkers Place, which then ran from 1979 to 1983. In the new version, Jean Stapleton has died and Archie Bunker now runs a bar.

In real life, Carroll O'Connor passed on in 2001, Jean Stapleton is still alive.

I saw Jean Stapleton in a movie last night called "A Matter of Sex". A Matter of Sex is a modern day (early 80's) suffragettes movie revolving around 8 women who went on strike because their bank would not promote them or pay them in line with their male counterparts.

Suddenly I saw the additional irony being played out in real life.

Jean Stapleton, who is still alive, was killed off in Archie Bunker's Place, whereas Carroll O'Connor, who passed on in 2001, outsurvived Jean Stapleton in the television show.

In fact, Carroll O'Connor would get another television series as well. However, Jean Stapleton could never use her famous character Edith because Edith had been killed off.

This is another example of a male getting to prolong and extend his career while the woman co-star role is prematurely snuffed out and can no longer be used by her for the rest of her career.

Invasion of the OBama Slackers.


Why wasn't Barack Obama Vetted during the campaign?

Found via Hillary Clinton


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Jimmy Kimmel on Barack Obama Comedy Etiquette