Sunday, January 4, 2009

Barack Obama is NOT a Natural Born citizen. Gasp, I never thought I'd write that.

Even though I am involved with DailyPUMA, I have been one of those PUMA's who thought the whole Barack Obama Citizenship issue was a non issue. I was convinced that since Barack Obama was born on US soil, he IS A US CITIZEN. I had no idea what natural born citizen meant, I thought it was just some foofy phrase full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

But then I read the wikipedia natural born citizen, entry. It took me a few readings spread out over a couple of days for me to understand what natural born citizen meant. Our founding FATHERS (with my apologies to those of American Indian descent) did not want american born citizens eligible to become president if their parents (actually just the father) were not at the very least naturalized citizens of the United States. A child born to foreigners on American soil would still be a naturalized citizen, but the child would not be a natural born citizen, and therefore not eligible to be either president or vice-president. Should this child grow up and have children with another US citizen, those children would be natural born. This is all very logical. Natural Born means the birth is a natural result of two naturalized citizens living in the United States and then having a child.

But what if only one parent is a Naturalized US citizen? Does it matter which parent is a naturalized US citizen when it comes to determining if a child born on US soil or territories is either a naturalized citizen, or, a natural born citizen? According to the World Book 1962 edition, Before 1922, a women's citizenship usually changed with that of her husband. Ergo, the founding Fathers were referring to the father being a Naturalized US citizen for his son or daughter to be a natural born citizen.

Our Founding FATHERS didn't seem to think that women were completely equal to men when the constitution was established. Our Founding FATHERS accepted slavery and did not allow slaves or women the right to vote, once again a sign they very protective of who could vote on important issues such as the presidential race.

Wikipedia presents an interesting case study...
Chester A. Arthur (1829-1886), 21st president of the United States, might have been born in Canada.[21] This was never demonstrated by his political opponents, although they raised the objection during his vice-presidential campaign. He was born to a U.S.-citizen mother and a father from Ireland who was eventually naturalized as a U.S. citizen. Arthur was sworn in as president when President Garfield died after being shot.
The key to this passage is "a father from Ireland who was eventually naturalized as a U.S. citizen. Even though the mother was already a US naturalized citizen, it wasn't until Garfield's father became naturalized that Chester Arthur could lay claim to being a natural born citizen.

If Chester Arthur was born in the United States, but his father had never become a US citizen, Chester Arthur would NOT have been eligible to BE (not run for, but be) either president or vice president of the United States irrespective of his mother's citizenship.
While objections were raised over where Chester Arthur was born, the biggest issue appears to be establishing who the heck his father's allegiance/citizenship was with. This is key to the entire issue. If Dad's citizenship matters in determining natural born status for Chester Arthur, then it matters when defining Barack Obama's citizen status as well. Don't think for a minute that if a foreigner came to America, implanted his seed in an american female naturalized citizen, and then left after a couple of years, that our founding FATHERS would consider that child a natural born citizen. The child would be a naturalized citizen, but not a natural born citizen.

Otherwise, were Osama Bin Laden to sneak into the U.S. and impregnant a US naturalized female, the child could grow up to be president one day, that's why the natural born citizen law was put into effect by our founding fathers.

Barack Obama IS a naturalized citizen, he is NOT a natural born citizen because of his father lack of naturalized citizenship.

Isn't it ironic that in the mid 90's Barack Obama himself appears to have ignored his dying mother so he could fly to Bali to finish his long delayed first book about his sperm donor father, yet now Barack Obama must COMPLETELY depend on his mummy's citizenship in an effort to declare himself a natural born citizen.

Not only did Barack Obama Sr. never become a US citizen, Barack Obama Sr. would eventually become a Kenyan Political consultant, which would absolutely result in Barack Obama NOT being eligible for natural born citizenship, if Barack Obama Sr had already landed that job while Barack Obama was being birthed. Political operatives of other countries CANNOT create a natural born citizen in the United States irrespective of the mothers U.S. natural citizenship, they can however help create a naturalized citizen of the united states.

The Barack Obama "Bro's before Ho's" campaign should be extinguished by the fact that Barack Obama's father was NOT a US citizen and therefore Barack Obama is not a natural born citizen, a fact that should elicit some chuckling from Alice Walker and other politicians whom in the past Barack Obama has managed to have disqualified for technical reasons far less egregious than not being a natural born citizen.

Lets just hope the Supreme Court is not afraid to do the right and constitutionally lawful thing before Barack Obama is sworn into office.

Are there any US presidents whose father was NOT a naturalized U.S. citizen? If there have not been any prior to Barack Obama, than Barack Obama's father would be the first, and would lend credence to the idea that clearly Barack Obama IS a naturalized citizen, he's just NOT a natural born citizen and therefore not elegible to be either president or vice president of the United States of America.


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Domestic Violence You Tube Video "Burn it Down" by OnaKalima has been taken down by YouTube!

Message from from the director and first time filmmaker Ona Kalima...

"Thank you for writing to me. I am in the middle of moving, but was getting ready to write to you for help. I received an email that stated that my video had been removed for violating the community guidelines. I looked to the guidelines and couldn't see any I had violated. HELP! We had gotten up to nearly 7,000 views and now we have to start from scratch. I was starting to receive a lot of hate-oriented comments about being a "communist dyke" and stuff like that--what do you think??"

DailyPUMA thinks the PUMA community needs to contact YouTube. Suggestions for the best avenue to do this would be greatly appreciated. What is worse than images depicting violence against woman? Striking down a message about Violence against Woman. Shame on you YouTube for not having more common sense.

PLEASE FAX YouTUBE at 1-650-253-0001 and ask that OnaKalima's "Burn it Down" video be reinstated.

Warning: This Video may Cause you to Spill your Hot Coffee on your Lap.

YouTube Video found via The Confluence & Nimja.

From Annie Sweetie Oakley

All in the Family and Archie Bunker's Place.

All in the Family ran from 1971 to 1979 and featured Jean Stapleton and Carroll O'Connor as the wife and husband. All in the Family ended its run in 1979 but the show continued under the name Archie Bunkers Place, which then ran from 1979 to 1983. In the new version, Jean Stapleton has died and Archie Bunker now runs a bar.

In real life, Carroll O'Connor passed on in 2001, Jean Stapleton is still alive.

I saw Jean Stapleton in a movie last night called "A Matter of Sex". A Matter of Sex is a modern day (early 80's) suffragettes movie revolving around 8 women who went on strike because their bank would not promote them or pay them in line with their male counterparts.

Suddenly I saw the additional irony being played out in real life.

Jean Stapleton, who is still alive, was killed off in Archie Bunker's Place, whereas Carroll O'Connor, who passed on in 2001, outsurvived Jean Stapleton in the television show.

In fact, Carroll O'Connor would get another television series as well. However, Jean Stapleton could never use her famous character Edith because Edith had been killed off.

This is another example of a male getting to prolong and extend his career while the woman co-star role is prematurely snuffed out and can no longer be used by her for the rest of her career.

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